No longer merely a place for a quick shower, luxury bathrooms are now invitations to escape and unwind. Private and intimate, they are your sanctuary of relaxation creating a luxurious spa-like experience. Calming neutral-toned cabinetry, modern vanities, generous space for fresh bath linen, elegant fittings and the finest marble and stone now feature in the humble bathroom.  

Contemporary vanities play a critical role in setting the style, mood and look of your bathroom, accentuated by fittings that have come a long way in recent years with a wave of stylish yet ultra-functional designs to create an extravagant space for unwinding.  

Sinks, faucets and tubs  

Besides its primary role, contemporary sinks and faucets can create interesting focal points in a bathroom. Wide-ranging eccentric shapes of free-standing or fixed faucets and water jets contour to the body for providing added relaxation. Cascading showerheads soak you from head to toe with water temperatures meticulously controlled to create for you a place of ultimate serenity.  

Exquisite mirrors  

An elegantly hung mirror makes all the difference in bathroom design. Lightweight geometric accent mirrors add a dramatic effect to the room and open up a room leaving you with a space as limitless as you are.  

Organizer Shelves  

Bespoke humidity-resistant cabinet units and intelligent storage solutions are laid out to your exact needs, securely holding your products and bath linens. Anchored on the wall or placed at the corner of your wash counter they make sure your bathroom is organised and toiletries stay effortlessly accessible.  

Make self-care a luxurious indulgence in your bathrooms  

At Innerspace, we design bathrooms to be functional at their core and opulent in form. Bring elegant refinement and affluence to your intimate space. Create a seamless synchrony of elegant sinks, contemporary taps, and statement mirrors, all uplifted by ultra-functional cabinets. 

Speak to our luxury interior designers to shape your high-end bathroom design, your personal oasis of relaxation and well-being.