Your bedroom is your most intimate space to isolate yourself from the world outside in search of internal harmony. A well-designed luxury bedroom gives you ultimate privacy, allowing you to relax and recuperate yourself. Carefully designed doors, windows and balconies bring the outdoors in every morning, waking you up to breath-taking views of the sun along the shoreline, or city skyline. 

Trends in bedroom decor are closely linked with ergonomics and simplicity to reflect your stylistic preferences and quest for comfort. Several elements with smart functionalities are elegantly combined in interior design for you to enter your world of tranquil dreams. 

Here are the defining elements of a truly luxurious bedroom for the utmost comfort. 


A place of indispensable rest and recovery, a luxury bespoke bed is the focal point of the room.  A synthesis of aesthetics and comfort, it is the fulcrum around which other luxuriant elements are placed. Both from a stylistic and functional point of view, your luxury bed design must be extra-special to support your varied sleep patterns. Luxuriously and exquisitely crafted this “cuddle lounge” allows you to rest in every position. Whether padded or upholstered, the headboard's wraparound design allows easy late-night conversations while laying back in bed. 

Bedspreads and foam toppers 

Resplendent in furs, silk satin sheeting, beautifully woven pillows and comfy bedspreads give a taste of the ornate at bedtime. As a very personal décor element, it promotes relaxation and sleep for those energized morning awakenings.  Vivid patterns and colours with natural fibres incorporated give your room an easy-going rustic look. Rich-looking foam toppers provide the correct support for the body, relieve pressure and deliver an ideal sleeping climate.   Modern bed design covers with genuine climatic cotton wool padding allow you to realize your bedroom fantasies, bringing in the feeling of calm and luxury. 

Built-in closets 

Built-in wardrobes are practical and unobtrusive way of organizing interiors. An elegant range of fully customisable luxury closets fit both wall and recessed options, along with hinged, sliding and folding door options. Available in an exhaustive range of finishes from elegant wood to high-gloss lacquer, the designs present endless combinations.  Grey, black to white glossy metallic surfaces and graphic lines never fail to make a lasting impression. An incredible choice of artful handles accent and break up large fronts, giving every wardrobe a unique style.   

Sleeping systems and mattresses  

Perfectly design sleeping systems combine clever functionality with heavenly comfort. Firmly supporting posture and beautifully pampering your body, a choice of bed base frame and mattresses are a major wellness factor for an unperturbed good night’s sleep. Manufactured to the highest German quality standards, every material used is compatible with both people and the environment. Quality seals and certificates – Blue Angel, Golden M, GS-sign, emissions label and ÖKO TEX standard –are another hallmark of the system guaranteeing relaxation for every muscle in the body. Feel the difference waking up relaxed and refreshed every morning. 

Harmonic lighting  

Designer lighting comes into play with its unique design and bathes the room in beautiful light. A careful choice of lighting fixtures accentuates the decorative elements, the true bearer of luxury in your bedroom. The use of the right illumination with multiple suspended light points and bedside lamps gives a boost to the sophisticated and relaxing feel of the room. Whether you want to read a book or set the ambience for deep sleep, it's all power of what the lights can do for you. Choose a design that suits your décor and furniture style and create an indulgent and glamorous look in the bedroom. 

A good night starts with a well-designed bedroom 

At Innerspace we design your luxury bedroom interior design that impress from the moment you open the door. Style and class infuse into all our creations put together from the fine materials. Comfy designer beds, finest upholstery, carefully selected luxury bedroom furniture, pendant lights amplify the grandeur of the bedroom interiors.  

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